Happy 2018!

    Let's do this 2018! (click me!!!)   Looking forward to photographing your story in 2018 Click the link above to check out my 2017 wrap and an example of what you can expect when you ask me to be your photographer πŸ™‚   2018 has insane amounts of potential for harnessing little moments [...]

Poppy + Rhys

I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours" - Bob Dylan Is there anything sweeter than two people crazy for each other? Clearly the answer to that one is a resounding NO πŸ˜› Rhys is a friend of my husband and myself and when he started dating Poppy, it was [...]

Deep Oceans (Keep Secrets)

If you read my previous post (I AM FOUND) you probably are getting the (correct) impression that I am definitely fascinated with folklore, myths and the fantastical! For this series I selected another interesting figure that has a very varied reputation throughout history: the mermaid. Depending on who you ask throughout history the mermaid is [...]