Styled Bridal Photo Shoot

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy” – Anne Frank




If there is one thing that is truly beautiful without fail, it has to be happy people.

As I have been growing my photography business I have realised that what I love capturing most about people is their happy. What do I mean by “their happy”? I mean what gives them a sparkle in their eye, what makes their heart sing, what means the most to them, and that, is why I love photography. Because when people are in love, or with people they love, they are happy, and what an honour it is to see that emotion through my lens.

Growing my photography has meant I have decided to branch out into other avenues, other opportunities to find and capture happy, and it seems to me that weddings are one place that you can guarantee to find happy. So weddings it is.

I had an idea for Bridal portraits, but no current bride, so instead decided to bring that vision to life with the help of a kind friend loaning me an AMAZEBALLS vintage wedding dress, and in the form of a beautiful and sweet model, Sophie.

It was insanely windy, but as any photographer knows… embrace the wind and you get magic!

It was so much fun.

If you have an idea for your wedding/elopement/engagement/couple shoot but think it might be a little crazy… you’d be surprised what I might consider actually crazy!

I am already taking bookings for 2019, so please get in touch. Let’s have some fun!


Location: Little Stove Bicton and Point Walter sandbar

Model: Sophie @sophiestudds 

Dress: Sage Mickle

Props: JessieKay Treasures @jessiekaytreasures

Equipment: Nikon D7100, Sigma 50mm art lense and Nikon 55-300mm lense






“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it” – William Shakespeare


A recent trip to Albany and a visit to one of my favourite places in the world, The Gap.


The Gap is like nothing you will ever see in your life and I cannot recommend visiting it enough, I feel like my words will never do it justice and pictures barely do. But here are some shots on my little fujifilm x100T (an excellent travel companion if you don’t want to lug a DSLR), though they say that the best camera you have is the one in your hand, which is debatably true haha!

I don’t have a lot to write for this one – but hey if you are planning a small wedding or elopement in Albany… hit me up… there are some ace places for epic photos!


Equipment: Fujifilm x100T

VSCO presets

Tune of choice: Life is Fine- Paul Kelly





Lindsay + Jordan

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr Suess



I was approached by a friend of Lindsay and Jordan a week before their wedding. Yes, not your usual wedding request :p !

She told me how Lindsay and Jordan were getting married a park in Fremantle and that their family and friends were helping to pull everything together at short notice. There were extenuating circumstances to the rush, and I felt honoured to have been considered!

There is often an expectation that when we put a wedding together there is only one way to do it, but the reality is, when you get married… you should do exactly whatever the heck you want ❤

Arriving at Booyeembara Park in Fremantle I was struck by its quiet beauty. I didn’t even know this park existed! And there it was, calm and enticing, nestled behind the bustle of High Street. The park is quite large, with a lake in the middle and a wooden deck to walk out on and look over the water. Lindsay had told me they would be getting married on the deck, and standing there looking at the water and ducks I could see why.

Lindsay and Jordan’s friends arrived first, and then the couple along with their baby boy Harry and family arrived. I whisked them away to a more private spot and took their bridal portraits, along with mr Harry making a sleepy appearance! Amongst the green trees, grass and quiet the sun started to descend beginning a beautiful golden hour… just in time for their ceremony!

One of the things that I think surprises so many couples is how fast the moments go, everyone says it, but until you have that experience yourself do you realise how they just zip by! I think this is one of my favourite parts of photography, you get to capture all those images that trigger memories, laughter and tears (hopefully happy!!). Its truly an honour to be involved in someones story.

The lake was calm, the mood was bright, the light was golden and just like that, Lindsay and Jordan were married ❤




Celebrant: Celebrations by Candice

Hair & makeup: Mikelah Jayde Studio

Flowers: Sara Kearns

DSC_4498_2000DSC_4504_2000DSC_4517_2000DSC_4536_2000DSC_4550_2000DSC_4587_2000DSC_4604_2000Lindsay Jordan weddingDSC_4645_2000DSC_4654_2000DSC_4670_2000DSC_4674_2000DSC_4677_2000DSC_4690_2000DSC_4691_2000DSC_4722_2000Lindsay Jordan weddingLindsay Jordan weddingLindsay Jordan wedding






Happy 2018!




Let’s do this 2018! (click me!!!)


Looking forward to photographing your story in 2018

Click the link above to check out my 2017 wrap and an example of what you can expect when you ask me to be your photographer 🙂


2018 has insane amounts of potential for harnessing little moments of joy, so lets find each other and then lets have FUN!



A recent trip away down south to Augusta was an excellent excuse to crack out the camera. In a hashtag photographer problems scenario I didn’t want to take my big camera and all the lenses, way too cumbersome, so the Fuji it was!

About two years ago I had purchased the Fujifilm X100T and had only used it a number of times with varying degrees of success. Being very much self taught and taking in lessons and soaking in any photography information I could get I had struggled to make this little camera fully work for me. The truth is, I just hadn’t taken the time to really start learning how to use a camera manually, so the mistakes I was making were happening over and over again… which I think is the definition of stupidity 😛

After happening across a blog post that just made A LOT of sense and really spelt it out I finally taught myself how to use my big camera in full manual mode and it was like the lights just kind of pinged on. Suddenly I had the skills to start trouble shooting issues I was having, and in most cases, fixing them. This knowledge for my big camera translated to using the smaller camera and suddenly I was getting the pictures I wanted with reoccurring success 🙂

This trip was the perfect scenario to take a little camera like this on. I highly recommend this model, the fuji colours are beautiful, you have the freedom to select your aperture, and dials for shutter speed and exposure stops. Its like a mini version of a big camera but without the weight and clunkiness, it also fits well in a handbag!!

I think its also really cool to look back on photos you took when you first get a camera and then take a look a year later. You might not think the difference will be that big visually but when you make yourself a student of people (online or that you might know) who have knowledge, years and experience on you its inevitable that you will pick up skills or techniques that improve yours.

And after the technical rambling, now for Augusta!

I love, LOVE the southern region of Western Australia… Albany, Denmark, Margaret River etc, but I had not been to Augusta before.

Augusta is a beautiful sleepy town in southern Western Australia, the Margaret River Region. Its quiet, surrounded by water (a river and an ocean) and has touches of time forgot like a video store, a community run shop full of teddy bears and toys, and no big shops.

We visited the new marina/boat harbour where they have built up huge walls of granite. To see the ocean you can (carefully!!) climb up and peek over. Nothing but an expanse of turquoise. On the day we went it was windy and the beautiful dark green of the water rolled and swelled against the expanse of silvery granite.

One of my favourite spots we visited was the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse. The drive to the lighthouse was beautiful and a mix of mansions, beach shacks and thick bush merely steps from the water. To get into the Lighthouse itself you do have to pay a fee, so keep that in mind, but for a small price you can walk around the grounds and listen to an audio tour. This spot is also where two oceans meet, the Indian and the Southern. I have never not felt peace after walking along or being near an ocean. I think one of the biggest favours you can do for yourself next time you are near a big roaring ocean is to close your eyes and breathe in and out three times slowly. The wilder the ocean the better 😉

Also this lighthouse is for sure haunted, just saying.

Boranup Forest was another stop on the journey in the region, another incredible place to “just breathe”. Its like stepping in to Middle Earth but with the occasional kombi van :p

I would love to photograph an elopement, wedding or engagement session in Boranup. So ummm hit me up lovers!

Hamelin Bay was also a beauty to visit, but really and honestly, just being down south is my favourite.

Enjoy the photos!




VSCO presets



Poppy + Rhys

I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours” – Bob Dylan

Is there anything sweeter than two people crazy for each other?

Clearly the answer to that one is a resounding NO 😛

Rhys is a friend of my husband and myself and when he started dating Poppy, it was clear there was something a bit special going on ❤

Poppy + Rhys met me at Serpentine Falls (after a very exciting, read: terrifying, wrong turn down a red dust road in my Getz!!), with about an hour before sunset.

I knew that the waterfall paired with the bush surrounds had the potential to look amazing as golden hour descended, what I didn’t realise was just HOW cool it was going to look. What a treat!

Rhys had joked that they had bought a towel along incase I asked them to swim out to the falls in their formal wear. I laughed the laugh of a disbeliever and was promptly shown up when, after some lovely shots near the pool and on the rock face, they asked, “so… should we jump in the water now?” ummm YES PLEASE!

I couldn’t even predict just how awesome those ones would turn out, but suffice to say they are some of my (and their!) favourite images from the session.

This session was a total joy, and I am love in with all the gold tones in their skin, clothes and surrounds. Magic.

Just a bit of proof, if you choose me as your photographer I am VERY open to being a bit different! If you’re willing then I sure as heck am too 😀

I can only hope my next couple are willing to do something a bit different, who knows what we could come up with!

Jess x


Nikon D7100, Nikon 55-300mm, Sigma 55mm art.

Rhys dressed by Aquila Menswear

Poppy dressed by the op-shop (love it!)


Serpentine Falls, Serpentine National Park Western Australia, south and a bit inland from Perth.



Deep Oceans (Keep Secrets)

If you read my previous post (I AM FOUND) you probably are getting the (correct) impression that I am definitely fascinated with folklore, myths and the fantastical!

For this series I selected another interesting figure that has a very varied reputation throughout history: the mermaid. Depending on who you ask throughout history the mermaid is either a harbinger of doom, a very sad woman floating around in the ocean or a girl who combs her red hair with forks.

When I first began researching my concept I, like many people I’m sure, had mermaids and sirens lumped in the same category. Well gentle reader, I am here to tell you that they are not the same thing at all! Mermaids are the traditional half human half fish etc, but sirens are actually half woman half bird… ya.. bird.. and they are the ones who sing and lure sailors to the rocks. Mermaids are more prone to swimming around sadly and whipping up a storm or two.

On further reading I found a reference to one of the first mermaid “stories”. A Syrian goddess who, upon accidentally killing her human lover, flung herself into the ocean hoping to become a fish. Being a goddess the water couldn’t contain her powerful beauty and she became half woman half fish, doomed to swim swim swim for eternity. Of course later sailors started getting pretty superstitious about the whole thing and would be sure to say their prayers before sailing off, hoping it would appease any mermaids looking for an ocean or boat to decimate.

Once again I heard a song, and again by Bat for Lashes! This one was called Moon and Moon (Two Suns) and it just really fit. The lyrics, the mood, it just made sense with what I was visualising in my head. A mermaid lamenting her lost love, swimming the seas with varying degrees of peace and fury.

Feedback always welcome,

Jess x


Nikon D7100, Nikon 55-300mm and Sigma 50mm art




Point Peron in Rockingham, south of Perth.