Deep Oceans (Keep Secrets)

If you read my previous post (I AM FOUND) you probably are getting the (correct) impression that I am definitely fascinated with folklore, myths and the fantastical!

For this series I selected another interesting figure that has a very varied reputation throughout history: the mermaid. Depending on who you ask throughout history the mermaid is either a harbinger of doom, a very sad woman floating around in the ocean or a girl who combs her red hair with forks.

When I first began researching my concept I, like many people I’m sure, had mermaids and sirens lumped in the same category. Well gentle reader, I am here to tell you that they are not the same thing at all! Mermaids are the traditional half human half fish etc, but sirens are actually half woman half bird… ya.. bird.. and they are the ones who sing and lure sailors to the rocks. Mermaids are more prone to swimming around sadly and whipping up a storm or two.

On further reading I found a reference to one of the first mermaid “stories”. A Syrian goddess who, upon accidentally killing her human lover, flung herself into the ocean hoping to become a fish. Being a goddess the water couldn’t contain her powerful beauty and she became half woman half fish, doomed to swim swim swim for eternity. Of course later sailors started getting pretty superstitious about the whole thing and would be sure to say their prayers before sailing off, hoping it would appease any mermaids looking for an ocean or boat to decimate.

Once again I heard a song, and again by Bat for Lashes! This one was called Moon and Moon (Two Suns) and it just really fit. The lyrics, the mood, it just made sense with what I was visualising in my head. A mermaid lamenting her lost love, swimming the seas with varying degrees of peace and fury.

Feedback always welcome,

Jess x


Nikon D7100, Nikon 55-300mm and Sigma 50mm art




Point Peron in Rockingham, south of Perth.





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