Well this is daunting!

Welcome to my brand new photography blog, here I hope you can get to know me and my passion for taking photos ❤

My hope is that this blog will give you a flavour of who I am, and give you a sense of what kind of photographer I am, what I produce and whether you love it enough to have me take your photo.

My passion has always been for animals and nature, but as I have grown creatively and in skill I have found myself drawn to spooky subjects. These are my little side projects and creative outlets. Quite far removed from my generally sunny disposition 😛

Recently I have begun photographing more and more people, and I love it.

I love capturing moments and expressions and secret smiles. I also like to keep it small, and simple. So if you are after someone for a huge endless wedding day with lots of high energy smiles.. I am probably not your gal.


If the thought of a secret ceremony, or a small gathering or even a little picnic just fills your heart to the brim… well my friend… I think its time we caught up and talked prices!

I love Perth and its surrounds, I love its light and sunshine and rain and its hidden special places. I love its old buildings and modern street art, the gardens and the ocean. I love how you can be in the city, drive 40 minutes and be standing near fields. If you are after someone to follow you as you explore… pick me pick me!

My hope is to specialise in elopements and small weddings. I love the intimacy of these occasions and think there are some truly magic moments to be had.

I look forward to meeting you, please, introduce yourself 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Jess x

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